Debunking Three SEO Myths

Myths about search engine optimization (SEO) pop up periodically. The reason for this is that search engines are constantly evolving and people are trying to understand how they work the best. A lack of set rules on how to rank adds to the confusion. It is important to keep in mind search engines occasionally change their algorithms, and it is your responsibility to stay informed. You can only this by testing out various strategies and see what works.
Given below are some SEO myths that you should keep in mind when optimizing your site.
A frequently repeated myth is that your website needs a special page built for SEO purposes in order to rank highly. Any page can rank well in the search engines, as long as you know what you're doing. So creating SEO based landing pages just doesn't make sense. It's different with PPC because landing pages are needed there but for organic search listings, they aren't required. Don't worry about building a special landing page for visitors, simply have them land on your site's home page or another important page. If you have pages that don't get much traffic, focus on improving them instead of creating new pages. Keep in mind that the only purpose of a landing page is to convert your visitors into customers, not to optimize your site. Another SEO myth is that you should optimize only one keyword with one page. There are still many SEO experts and as well as small businesses who believe that each of the pages on your site should be optimized for one single phrase, which is far from the truth. Website owners who use this technique believe that by making their pages highly focused, they will be ranked more highly by the search engines. However, if you write a page that is focused on only one keyword or phrase, you'll find that it's very hard to do without it becoming forced and artificial. In addition, having a page devoted to only one keyword when you could have used several is simply a poor use of space on your site. What do you gain by limiting yourself to one keyword on a page when you could put a number of keywords in the same space? The truth is, you are better off using as many keyword phrases as you can on an optimized page. This will bring you more quality traffic. If you analyze your web analytics, you'll see that all the traffic is coming from various keyword phrases. So it's better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.
How much you need on your site is another SEO myth. People think that they need a minimum number of words on their site to help boost their rank. Content should be evaluated by quality of information not word count. The reason this myth came up is because having a good amount of content on your page allows you to optimize it for at least 3 to 5 keywords. A shorter copy can just as effective as a longer one.
A short copy can be used as effectively as a longer version. You should not waste time trying to impress the search engines, especially if it ruins the meaning of your site. Good content is not determined by length so any length will work.
You have to realize that it takes some time and study to make search engine optimization pay off for you. You may want to find some trusted sources of information on this subject for when you find yourself getting confused about something. If you keep studying and applying your knowledge, you will be able to achieve better ranks for your sites, even if you make a few mistakes along the way.

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